Edgar J Dye
1924 -2011
A G P (Continued)
A Faithful Man Galatians - Bird's Eye View Of The Book Paul & The All Things (Phil 4:13) The Original Gospel
A Man In Christ Galatians - Design Of The Epistle Paul's Five Possible Visits Into Judea The Original Work of the Church
A Scriptural Portrait Of Christ Galatians - Expanded Outline & Analysis People Who Cannot Be Saved The Original Worship
A Scriptural Survey Of Sin Galatians - Questions For Study Peter's Fourfold Proof That Jesus is Both... The Power Of His Resurrection
A Study Of The Spirit Of Man Galatians  - Meeting Needs Arising At Galatia Plain Scriptural Truths / The Lord's Supper The Power of Jesus Innate Inherent Or
A Time To Hate General And Specific Authority Plain Truth About God Delegated Power
Abominable Praying Genesis - A Survey Plain Truth About The Bible The Priesthood of Baptized Believers
Abominable Things In The Sight Of God God Praying With Paul The Promise of Eternal Life
Acts 3:19 Examined God Is Precious Things The Redeeming Blood of Jesus Christ
Acts 2:38 Contextually Simplified God Is A Consuming Fire Prophetic Assurance Of Redemption... The Resurrection of Jesus
Alive In  O5 God Is Faithful The Resurrection of the Dead
All Things Are Yours God Is Light Q The Righteousness of the Pharisees
An Additional Blessing God Is Our Refuge The Role of the Holy Spirit After Conversion
An Exegetical Study Eph 4:7-16 God Is Spirit Questions & Answers On Indwelling The Role of the Holy Spirit In Romans 8
An Inspiring Example God Means What He says The Seal of the Holy Spirit
And The Lord Added To The  Church God Revealed Through The Heavens & Word R The Sermon That Terrified A Roman Governor
Anxiety's Cure God's 3 Witnesses to His Son Jesus Christ The Signs of An Apostle
Apollinarianism God's Unconditional Promises Realities Of Physical Death The Singularity of Sin
Apostolic Exhortations By The Dozen God Speaks To Me Reasons For The High Divorce Rate The Source of Divine Authority In Religion
Are We Too Dogmatic? God's Amazing Grace Reasons Spiritual Gifts Have Ceased The Spirit And Baptism Into One Body
As Expected, The Lying Antichrists Have Come God's Final Judgment Of Man Refuting The Gap Theory The Spirit of Christ
As Often As God's Requirements in Music In Worship Refuting The 10 Lost Tribes Theory The True Grace of God
As The Days Of Noah Were God's Wonderful Marvelous Word Relatively Young Earth The Truth About 1 Cor 3:10-15
As To The Matter Of Giving As Prospered Good Soldiers Of Jesus Christ Religious But Lost The Two Covenants
Asaphs Confessed Spiritual Crises Religious Sinners The Two Salvations
Assured Hearts Before God H Remember Now Thy Creator The Unpardonable Sin
At The End Of This World Repentance And Confession The Urgency of Self Control
Attitudes Toward The Truth Hades The Abode of Disembodied Souls Respect For God The Victory of Faith
Before And After Responsibility The Witness of the Spirits
B Has God Promised These Things Returning Good For Evil The Woman Who Made A Difference
He That Knoweth God Returning Good For Evil Under Divine ... The Wonderful Written Word of God
Baptism For The Dead He Whose Right It Is Revelation The Word of Life - That Eternal Life
Baptism Is And Isn't Heavenly Hope The Work of the Holy Spirit
Basic Arguments For Bible Classes Heresies Manifesting Those Approved S Things God Has Joined Together
Basic Truths Gleaned Chapter By Chapter His Eye Is On The Sparrow Things Known & Assurances Given As A
Basics Of Bible Baptism Holy Hatred Salvation Is Not of Works Result of Divine Revelation
Before And After Honorable Marriages Satan's Pernicious, Perilous, Perverted  Things No One Can Escape
Being A Disciple Of Jesus How Does God Regard Sin? Purpose Things To Remember
Believers Benefits How Is Faithfulness Measured? Saved Outside The Church Things We Can Know According to 1 Jno
Believing God Is How May One Know One Is Saved? Scriptural Concept of Nakedness Things We Must Continue In
Between Thee And Him Alone How To Establish Bible Authority Scriptural Giving According to 2 Cor 9 Thinking God Is Altogether Like Man
Beware Of The Latter End Husband And Wife Relationship Seven Eternal Verities Thought Provoking Truths Taught In 1 Cor 7
Beyond Hope Husbands Love Your Wives Silence Of The Scriptures Tragedy and Victory At John's Death
Bible Facts About The Faith Simon Says Compared To God Says True Worship and True Worshippers
Bible Thoughts On Personal Responsibilities I Sin Unto Death
Bible Truths About Heaven Some Bible Fools U
Bible Truths About Sin I Am Resolved Some Things God Has Never Promised
Bible Truths & Scriptural Tests Of Fellowship Identifying Those Who Compose The Church Some Things God Is Not Unbiblical Language
Blessings By The Blood Of Jesus If Some Things That Will Send One To Hell Unlike Man God Is
Book Of Mormon Versus Baptism For The Dead
If Risen With Christ Some Things To Remember
Brotherly Love Is Doing Righteousness And Illumination Of The Spirit Theory Some Thoughts Concerning Heaven V
Being Of God Importance Of Studying In Context 1 Some Thoughts On Being Strong In The Lord
But After This The Judgment Importance Of Studying In Context 2 Some Truths About Being Converted Valuable Lessons From Philemon
But Even If She Depart Impossibilities Concerning Salvation Source Of Divine Authority In Religion Two
But You Are In Christ In His Church Spiritual Songs Outside The Assembly W
By One Spirit Baptized Into One Body In No Other - Access To God By Prayer Strengthened By His Spirit In The Inner Man
By The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ In No Other - Eternal Life Study Questions On Paul Walking Our Way To Heaven
In No Other - Present Salvation Weighed And Found Wanting
C In No Other - Sanctification T What About Our giving?
In No Other - Reconciliation & Atonement What About Suffering?
Called Of God In No Other - Redemption Take Not Thought For Your Life What Are We Doing When We Pray?
Called To Preach Inspiration Teaching Them To Observe All Things What Can The Righteous Do?
Calls All Men Face Introduction To The Book Of Galatians Tell It To The Church What Christians Should Know About Giving
Catholic Church is Not The Church Of Christ Introduction To The Study Of First John Tell Us Why What Constitutes A Scriptural Marriage
Christ and Kindred Is Christ & Christianity The Only Way? Testing The Spirits What Death Does Not Do
Christ and The church In The Eternal Purpose Of Is Obedience To God? Thank God For His Church What Does Only Through The Word Mean?
God Is Obedience To God "Works?" That Fundamental Truth Which The Lying What Every Church Needs
Christian The Divine Name Is There Anything In A Name? Antichrists Deny What Is Autonomy?
Christian As Heirs Israel The Brazen Serpent Sinners & Christ That To Which You Have Come What Is Truth?
Christ's Prayer Life It All Depends On When That Which Is A Shame What John's Mission Involved
Claims Of Jesus While On Earth The Alien Sinners Prayer What Must One Do To Be Saved?
Comforting Commendation & Cautious Warning J The Angel Of The Lord (Jehovah) What The Holy Spirit Does Not Do
Condemning The World The Bible Doctrine Of Expediency What The Law Could Not do The Gospel 
Considering The Consequences & Casualties Jesus Christ In The Book Of Revelation The Biblical "Hall of Faith" Does
Of Adultery Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit & The Apostles The Biblical Concept Of Indwelling When We Are Tempted
Covering Sin Jesus Christ's Uniqueness The Blessed Or Happy Dead Which Church Did The Saved Of The NT Join?
Jesus In Gethsemane The Blessedness Of Giving Who Has The Divine Right To Marry?
D Jesus Prayer In John 17 The Case Of Achan Who Is Of God?
Jewish Or Roman Time The Case Of Queen Esther  Who Is The First?
Dead And Lost John 3:16 - A Textual Analysis The Case Where Loss Is Gain Who Is God?
Death Then What? Judge - Judge Not The Cause & Effect Principle Re: Indwelling Who Should Be Rebaptized?
Definition Of Providence Justification Death Sentence Commuted The Christian Why Believing The Truth of God's Word Is
Degrees Of Faith Contrasted Justification By Faith According To The The Christian's Liberty Essential
Degrees Of Punishment In Hell Reformers The Christian's Hope Why I Believe In God
Degrees Of Reward In Heaven Justifying Latter Day Revelation The Christian's Joy Why I Believe The Bible Is God's Revelation
Delegated Authority Vs Assumed Authority The Christian's Warfare To Man
Denying Self K The Comforter Why Prepare To Meet God?
Did God Name His Church? The Conversion Of A Morally Good Devoutly Why The Holy Spirit Can
Die In Adam Made Alive In Christ Keeping Ourselves Religious Man Why We Do Not Celebrate Christmas
Discharging The Work Of The Church Kingdom Reminders The Crown That Is Laid Up Wickedness And The Wicked
Disciples Assembled When, Why, How Often? Knowing God The Deceitfulness Of Sin Will Honesty Save?
Divinely Authorized Worship Of The Local The Desirable Grace Of Gentleness Without Christ
Church L The Doctrine Of Realized Eschatology Work Of The Lord
Do You Really Love The Truth? The Earnest Of Our Inheritance Worship In The Public Assembly
Does Baptism Sanctify An Adulterous Lawful Divorce The Fact And Manner of The Spirits Indwelling Wrong Loves
Relationship? Leading The Church Into Apostasy The Gentiles Of Romans Chapter Two
Does Eph 2:8-9 Exclude Baptism? Learning From Paul's Prayers The Godhead Three Y
Does Jesus Have a Church? Legal Not Sanctified Or Holy The Godhead Three Part 2
Doing Righteousness Vs Practicing Lessons About Sin From Obadiah The Gospel According To Oprah Ye Ought To Be Teachers
Lawlessness Let Us Walk By The Same Rule The Gospel Plus Yes God Hates It
Duration And Purpose of Miracles Liars Identified & Exposed In First John The Heresy Explained And Being Refuted In
Local Church Benevolence 1 John
E Local Church Evangelism The Heretics and Heresies Of The So Called
Lord's Supper In Defense Of Our Practice Lost Gospels & Lost Christianities
Edification Work Of The Church Lost Believers The Holy and Royal Priesthood
Entertainment An Unscriptural Work For The Love Of The Brethren The Holy Spirit Sanctification And Sinless
Church Lust, Temptation, Sin And James 1:12-15 Perfection
Eternal Existence Or Eternal Sonship Which The Hope Of The Gospel
Example And Influence M The House Of God
Exceeding Great Precious Promises Of God The Inseparable Connection Between Love Of
Exposing The Heresy Of The Heretic 1 Main Thoughts Or Divisions Of Galatians God and Brotherly Love
Exposing The Heresy Of The Heretic 2 Manna and Miracles The Inspiration of the Bible
Exposing The Heresy Of The Heretic 3 Man's Doctrines VS The Doctrine Of Christ The Knowledge and Hope of Those Begotten
Exposing The Heresy Of The Heretic 4 Marriage As God Ordained It Of God
Ezekiel Analytical Outline May We Pray To Jesus The Law and The Prophets Were Until John
Ezekiel General Outline Mistakes Of The Rich Farmer The Lord Is At Hand
Modest & Immodest Apparel - (Standard) The Lord Is At Hand Passages
F Mormon Perversion Of Ezekiel 37 The Lord Our Shepherd Is
Facts About Eternal Life The Lord's Supper A Scriptural Survey
Faith And Its Works Considered N The Man Who Got Involved
Faith Is The Victory The Man Who Walks With God
Filled With The Holy Spirit Nine Spiritual Gifts The Manifestation of Love
First A Willing Mind No Need For Shame Or Apology The Meaning and Blessings of Jesus' Death
First John 17 & The Continuous Cleansing  Not By Race But By Grace The Member's Involvement In The Work of the
Question- Not Everyone Church
First John - What Is & What is Not Taught Nothing The Mercy Seat
First John 3:24 The Miraculous Operation of the Holy Spirit
First Peter 3:18 - 22 O The NT Church Vs Denominationalism 1
First Things First The NT Church Vs Denominationalism 2
For As Often As 1 Cor. Occurrences & Consequences of Offences The Nature of God's Promises
For The Sake Of #1 Of What Church Should I Become A Member? The Need For Divine Authority Established
For The Sake Of #2 On Being Led By The Spirit of God The Need For Self Control
For The Sake Of #3 On Pouring Out Of The Holy Spirit The NT Gift of Tongue Speaking
For The Sake Of #4 On The Indwelling of Deity Within Humanity The Old Yet New Commandment
For The Sake Of #5 On Women Teaching Men The One Body Of Ephesians
For What Should We Pray? One Religion Is As Good As Another The Organization of the Church
Forgiveness For God's Erring Children Overcoming The Danger Of Drifting The Origin of Sin
Freedom In Christ The Original Church
Further Study Of The Soul Of Man